IRRC No. 911 23 articles

Children and war

In wartime, children are especially vulnerable to a myriad of risks that deprive them of the opportunity to fully experience childhood and are all too often drawn into hostilities. In the ever-evolving circumstances of armed conflict, how can we provide all children with the protection they are both morally and legally entitled to and ensure that their needs and rights are fulfilled? To address this question, and just after marking the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of...

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IRRC No. 910 22 articles

Memory and war

There are a wide range of humanitarian issues related to remembering armed conflict: From the long-term impact of hostilities on both civilians and members of armed forces, to missing persons, to the prospects for transitional justice and reconciliation, just to name a few. In this edition, the Review unpacks the ways individual and collective memory of armed conflict impacts the lives of those affected and looks at some commemoration and remembrance practices implemented by authorities and communities.

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150 years of humanitarian reflection

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Conflict in Syria

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The missing

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