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Protecting the Environment in Armed Conflict

The specific legal protection of the environment during armed conflict is a relatively recent development in the context of international humanitarian law. Still, modern understandings of the environment and of the multi-layered and diverse threats that armed conflict poses to it have significantly advanced. This issue of the International Review of the Red Cross delves into the many ways that conflict can adversely impact the environment – and into how the existing international legal framework protects against these impacts.
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Organized Crime

Organized criminal actors generate trillions of dollars in earnings every year – while deeply undermining peace and security. Organized crime generates and contributes to armed violence all around the world, in the context of both armed conflict and other situations of violence. The human and humanitarian costs are astronomical: countless lives lost and disappeared, not to mention lost livelihoods, restricted access to essential services, and corrosion of institutions. This edition of the Review examines the intersections among organized crime, armed conflict and other situations of violence, looking at the vexing legal, ethical and operational questions this nexus raises.

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Persons with disabilities in armed conflict

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