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The Sahel

This edition takes a close look at the current realities in the Sahel – here, encompassing Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania and Niger. To varying degrees, Sahelians suffer from humanitarian issues brought about by armed conflicts, violent extremism and climate change in and affecting the region. This "Sahel" edition presents a starting point for action and motivation to ensure respect of international humanitarian law – and international law more broadly – in the Sahel.
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Counterterrorism, sanctions and war

Terrorism is a live threat in today’s world – and one that causes immeasurable human suffering. The international community has worked to confront this threat through a patchwork of counterterrorism measures, including sanctions. But despite the legitimacy of those efforts, these measures have negative effects on the provision of humanitarian aid, harming both intended beneficiaries and humanitarian workers, bringing counterterrorism measures into tension with international humanitarian law (IHL). This edition explores the problems that arise when counterterrorism measures and IHL overlap and come into tension. It does so from a variety of perspectives, including diplomats, lawyers, academics, humanitarians and practitioners, with each article looking at how these fields of law can be brought into balance with one another.

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