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Some key documents on the ICRC's response to armed violence and more

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The purpose of this section is to share, in a consolidated format, relevant and public documentation pertaining to the theme of armed violence and the ICRC's operational response to the phenomenon.

Literature on armed violence


1. Review issue on “Urban Violence”, Vol. 92, No. 878, 2010, available at:

2. ISS and ICRC joint report, Urban Violence and Humanitarian Challenges, 2012, available at:….

3. ICRC policy document, The International Committee of the Red Cross's (ICRC's) Role in Situations of Violence below the Threshold of Armed Conflict, 2014, available at:….

4. ICRC briefing paper, Urban Violence and the ICRC's Humanitarian Response, 2016, available at:….

5. ICRC policy paper, Armed Violence and the New Urban Agenda: The ICRC's Recommendations for Habitat III, 2016, available at:


Literature on the ICRC's operational response to armed violence


1. ICRC article, “Rio Project: Programmes Helped Reduce Humanitarian Impact of Violence in Rio de Janeiro”, 2016, available at:….

2. ICRC report, Safer Access for Public Essential Services, 2018, available at:….

3. ICRC video, “Urban Violence in Latin America: What Is It? What Is the ICRC Doing about This Problem?”, 2019, available at:….

4. Article by ICRC head of mission in Honduras, “Honduras: Seeking Durable Solutions for People Displaced by Violence”, 2021, available at:….

5. ICRC report, Mexico: Humanitarian Report 2022, 2022, available at:….

6. ICRC infographic, “AMS in Figures: The Safer Access Program for Essential Public Services, Overview 2016–2022”, 2022, available at:

7. ICRC, “The Safer Access to Essential Public Services Programme: Executive Summary”, 2023, available at:….

8. ICRC paper, Present and Engaged: How the ICRC Responds to Armed Conflict and Violence in Cities, 2023, available at:….

9. ICRC video (in Portuguese), “Trajetória: Os impactos invisíveis da violência armada”, 2023, available at:


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