IRRC No. 257

Africa — Latin America — Asia — Middle East

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In southern Sudan, relief supplies were distributed in January in the Narus region, where 10,200 persons received 145 tonnes of sorghum, 28 tonnes of beans and 18 tonnes of oil. Further distributions of foodstuffs were carried out in the first week of February (291 tonnes). On 18 February the recipients of the “seed and implements” project were once more registered systematically: 22,800 persons were registered in Narus and the three neighbouring camps. Distributions began at the end of February. The Narus feeding centre continued to admit children suffering from malnutrition: in January, 476 children were cared for at the centre. A surgical hospital, gift of the Finnish Red Cross, was set up at Lokichokio, in Kenya, to treat wounded persons arriving from southern Sudan. The despatch of food aid to Tigray and Eritrea was continued as in the past. In January, 1,230 tonnes were sent to Tigray and 730 tonnes to Eritrea.

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