The first edition of the Review was published in October 1869. Since then, the journal has served as an important resource on international humanitarian law, policy and action and its archives can provide insights into the evolution of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and the history of humanitarianism more generally. The entirety of the Review's archives are freely available. The Review became available in French in 1869; in English in 1961; in Russian in 1963; in Spanish in 1976; in Arabic in 1997; in Chinese in 2004; and in Farsi in 2012.

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1867 Results

Review IRRC No. 893

Scope of the law in armed conflict

18 articles

Review RICR No. 893

Champ d'application du droit dans les conflits armés

12 articles

Review 893 期《红十字国际评论


7 articles

Review IRRC No. 874-888

Гуманитарные вызовы современности

13 articles

Review IRRC No. 891/892

Multinational operations and the law

17 articles

Review RICR No. 891/892

Las operaciones multinacionales y el derecho

17 articles

Review RICR No. 891/892

Les opérations multinationales et le droit

11 articles

Review 891/892 期《红十字国际评论


10 articles

Review IRRC No. 890

Violence against health care II

12 articles

Review RICR No. 890

Violencia contra la Asistencia de salud (II)

12 articles

Review IRRC No. 889

Violence against health care (I)

12 articles