The first edition of the Review was published in October 1869. Since then, the journal has served as an important resource on international humanitarian law, policy and action and its archives can provide insights into the evolution of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and the history of humanitarianism more generally. The entirety of the Review's archives are freely available. The Review became available in French in 1869; in English in 1961; in Russian in 1963; in Spanish in 1976; in Arabic in 1997; in Chinese in 2004; and in Farsi in 2012.

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1851 Results

Review RICR No. 899

El costo humano de las armas nucleares

25 articles

Review 899 期《红十字国际评论》


5 articles

Review RICR No. 901

La guerra en las ciudades

26 articles

Review 901 期《红十字国际评论》


11 articles

Review RICR No. 901

Villes en guerre

12 articles

Review IRRC No. 901

War in cities

26 articles

Review IRRC No. 901

Война в городах

3 articles

Review IRRC No. 897/898

Principles guiding humanitarian action

24 articles