RICR No. 833

Peut-on célébrer le 50e anniversaire des Conventions de Genève?

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AbstractThe author raises the rather daunting question of whether it is possible to justify celebration of the Geneva Conventions despite the enormous suffering caused by war which those Conventions are supposed to prevent. What can international humanitarian law achieve under the present circumstances? The author does not give an easy answer to this question but he asks the right questions, which could lead to at least certain components of a good answer. He goes on to present the project, called “People on War”, that the ICRC has launched to mark the anniversary. The purpose of this unique initiative is to meet people who have been through war and ask them to share their personal experiences with conflict and to say what they expect from humanitarian law. Results of this vast study should be available for the 27th International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, to be held in Geneva later this year.

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