RICR No. 849

National implementation of international humanitarian law

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The International Criminal Court Act 2002 was assented to on 27 June 2002 and entered into force on 26 September 2002. The object of this Act is to facilitate compliance with Australia's obligations under the 1998 Rome Statute of the ICC, which the Act contains as a schedule to it. The Act determines the procedure to be followed in case of request by the Court, including requests for arrest and surrender of persons (Part III) and other requests, such as identifying, locating or questioning persons, taking evidence or producing documents or articles, or facilitating the voluntary appearance of persons as witnesses or experts before the ICC (Part IV). It further contains provisions dealing with investigations or sittings of the ICC in Australia (Part V), search, seizure and powers of arrest (Part VI), information provided in confidence by third parties (Part VII), protection of Australia's national security interests (Part VIII), enforcement in Australia of reparation orders made and fines imposed by the ICC (Part X) and forfeiture of proceeds of international crimes (Part XI), as well as enforcement in Australia of sentences imposed by the ICC (Part XII).

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