Michael A. Meyer

Number of articles written: 10 articles

Michael A. Meyer

Number of articles written: 10 articles

Michael A. Meyer is Head of the Legal and Committee Services Department at the British Red Cross. A graduate of Yale University in the United States, Mr. Meyer has graduate degrees in international law and in international relations from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. Mr. Meyer is a barrister and writes on humanitarian matters. He is an associate member of the International Institute of Humanitarian Law, San Remo, Italy. In 1987, he published articles in the Review on promoting knowledge of international humanitarian law and the humanitarian action of non-governmental organizations.

Published articles

article IRRC No. 876

The importance of the International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent to National Societies: fundamental in theory and in practice

article IRRC No. 317

The role of a National Society in the implementation of international humanitarian law—taking up the challenge!

article IRRC No. 315

Public Advocacy — Why the Red Cross and Red Crescent should look before it leaps

article IRRC No. 295

The protection of prisoners of war against insults and public curiosity

article IRRC No. 290

Title article - 10-1992

article IRRC No. 272

Protecting the emblems in peacetime: The experiences of the British Red Cross Society

article IRRC No. 264

Title article - 06-1988

article IRRC No. 260

Humanitarian action: A delicate balancing act

article IRRC No. 259

Title article - 08-1987

article IRRC No. 257

Promoting Principles and Law