Marion Harroff-Tavel

Number of articles written: 13 articles

Marion Harroff-Tavel

Number of articles written: 13 articles

Marion Harroff-Tavel holds a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, Massachusetts. She has 34 years of experience in the humanitarian sphere with the International Committee of the Red Cross, where she held both management and research positions. Her operational work centred on conflicts in the Caucasus and Central Asia; for a
time she was Deputy General Delegate for this region in the Department of Operations. During her career at the ICRC she also served as Head of the Division for the Promotion of International Humanitarian Law and Deputy Director of the Department of International Law and Cooperation within the Movement, which oversaw the work of promoting international humanitarian law. She spent the last seven years of her career at the ICRC analyzing global trends in armed violence with the aid of a network of contacts in universities and strategic research centres. As political adviser responsible for analysing future trends in armed violence, she drew the attention of the
ICRC’s upper management and Assembly to emerging challenges.

Published articles

article IRRC No. 895/896

The International Committee of the Red Cross and the promotion of international humanitarian law: Looking back, looking forward

article IRRC No. 878

Violence and humanitarian action in urban areas. New challenges, new approaches

article IRRC No. 323

Title article - 06-1996

article IRRC No. 322

Promoting norms to limit violence in crisis situations: challenges, strategies and alliances

article IRRC No. 317

Address at the memorial service held at St Peter's Cathedral, Geneva 20 December 1996

article IRRC No. 314

Title article - 10-1996

article IRRC No. 294

Action taken by the International Committee of the Red Cross in situations of internal violence

article IRRC No. 283

Title article - 08-1991

article IRRC No. 278

Title article - 10-1990

article IRRC No. 273

Neutrality and Impartiality—The importance of these principles for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and the difficulties involved in applying them