Gérald C. Cauderay

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Gérald C. Cauderay trained and worked for several years as a merchant navy radio navigator and radar operator. He later held a number of senior positions in the electronics industry, in particular in the fields of telecommunications and marine and aeronautical radio navigation, before being appointed Industrial and Scientific Counsellor to the Swiss Embassy in Moscow. At the ICRC, he is especially in charge of matters relating to the identification and marking of protected medical establishments and transports and to telecommunications. He has published several articles in the Review: “Visibility of the distinctive emblem on medical establishments, units and transports” (No. 277, July-August 1990, pp. 295–318), “The development of new anti-personnel weapons” (together with L. Doswald-Beck, No. 279, November-December 1990, pp. 565–576) and “Anti-personnel mines” (No. 295, July-August 1993, pp. 273–287).

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