IRRC No. 135

For the War Disabled: An ICRC achievement in Sana'a

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At a ceremony held in Sana'a towards the end of March 1972, the ICRC formally handed over to the authorities in the Yemen Arab Republic the workshop which it had opened in 1970 for the manufacture of artificial limbs for the war disabled in that country.Under the responsibility of the Ministry of Health, the Yemeni employees will henceforth use the skill they acquired in the workshop and in which five of them, thanks to grants, received further training at the Teheran specialized centre of the Iranian Red Lion and Sun Society. The orthopaedic technician delegated by the ICRC will stay in Sana'a for another six months, under an agreement with the Yemeni Government and the World Health Organization, which is providing assistance. This decision was reached with a view to easing the transitional phase.

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