IRRC No. 137

Visit of ICRC President to Hungary — Asian subcontinent — Laos — Khmer Republic — Republic of Vietnam — Near East — Botswana — Burundi — Cameroon — Sudan — Chile

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At the invitation of the Hungarian Red Cross, Mr. Marcel A. Naville, President of the ICRC, accompanied by Mr. Melchior Borsinger, ICRC Delegate-General for Europe and North America, visited Hungary from 26 June to 2 July 1972.In Budapest, the President of the ICRC was granted an audience by Mr. Losonczi, Chairman of the Presidium of the Hungarian People's Republic. In the absence of the Prime Minister, Mr. Naville conferred with Dr. Miklos Ajtai, Deputy Prime Minister, with Dr. Karoly Csatordai, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, and with Dr. Bela Toth, Deputy Minister of Health. The President of the ICRC made a statement before representatives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Justice, the Interior and Health. On behalf of the Standing Commission of the International Red Cross, he conferred the Henry Dunant Medal on Miss Katalin Durgo, whom he commended for her essentially humanitarian career and great merit. Miss Durgo has been a nurse in the Hungarian Red Cross for more than fifty years.

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