IRRC No. 124

Two Appeals by the International Committee: For the Victims of the Conflict in South-East Asia - For the Benefit of Victims of the Events in Ceylon

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On 25 May 1971, the International Committee launched the following appeal to National Red Cross Societies:During the past few years, several appeals have been made for assistance to the various countries affected by the war in South-East Asia: Laos—January 1968; Vietnam—February 1968; Laos—April 1970; Cambodia—June 1970. In view of the permanent state of war which exists throughout Indochina, and in view of the infinite suffering resulting therefrom, the International Committee of the Red Cross is today making a general appeal to the generosity of National Societies, calling on them to come to the aid of all the victims of the conflict, regardless of political or ideological affinities.

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