IRRC No. 2

Special Funds

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The accounts appended concern the Foundation for the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Augusta Fund and the Florence Nightingale Medal. Details concerning the Empress Shôken Fund (as on December 31, 1960) were given in the previous issue of the Revue Internationale in connection with the fortieth distribution of allocations from the income of this Fund. It will be recalled that the Augusta Fund was established to commemorate the eminent services rendered to the Red Cross by the Empress of Germany, Queen of Prussia, and was intended to be employed in the general interests of the Red Cross. The Fund for the Florence Nightingale Medal was established in memory of the services of Florence Nightingale. The income is used for the distribution of a medal by the ICRC, every two years, awarded to Red Cross nurses and voluntary aids who have distinguished themselves exceptionally by their devotion to sick or wounded in time of peace or of war.

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