IRRC No. 274

Presidential missions

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The President of the ICRC, accompanied by Mr. Dieter Pfaff of the ICRC's Africa Zone, paid an official visit to Chad from 4 to 7 November 1989. He was received by Mr. Hissen Habré, President of the Republic of Chad, with whom he discussed the question of the Libyan prisoners of war detained in Chad, pointing out the advantages that Chad could derive from closer collaboration with the ICRC, particularly if the ICRC was allowed to carry out its mandate under the Geneva Conventions as regards visits to prisoners of war and their repatriation. An agreement in principle was concluded on this subject between the ICRC and Chad, and it was agreed that the procedure for implementing it should be finalized by, and with the mutual consent of, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the ICRC. The President of the ICRC also had talks with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Health.

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