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Peru’s National Committee for the Study and Implementation of International Humanitarian Law

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Implementation of international humanitarian law (IHL) in national legislation is necessary to promote compliance with IHL in the event of an armed conflict. Owing to its consultative and interdepartmental nature, the National Committee for the Study and Implementation of International Humanitarian Law (CONADIH) plays a strategic role in promoting its implementation in Peru. To fulfil that role more effectively, CONADIH was strengthened during a structural internal reform of the Peruvian Ministry of Justice and Human Rights (MINJUS), where its presidency lies. Two of the crucial steps to that end were that the presidency fell under a higher authority within the Ministry and the creation of a governing body with decision-making powers regarding IHL and international human rights law, thus leading to the incorporation of IHL into a broad range of public policies. Keywords: national IHL committees, implementation of IHL, public policies.

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