IRRC No. 264

International Committee of the Red Cross: Developing National Societies: An ongoing challenge

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Let's face it: a world of peace and justice, devoid of violence and misery, is not around the corner.Stating this unhappy reality is not meant to discourage those of goodwill who keep the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement going. Rather, it is to stress just how important it is in humanitarian endeavour to bring our forces into concert so that we can all pull together. The best use possible must be made of every individual, every penny, if we are going to make headway in this unequal struggle in which we are engaged to assist the victims of war, natural disaster and poverty. Rivalry is all the more shocking when it arises in the area of humanitarian aid as the needs are so enormous and there is more than enough room for everyone. But everyone must find his proper place in the joint effort; effectiveness is impossible without good co-ordination.

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