IRRC No. 268

Death of Dr. Jacques de Rougemont Honorary Member of the ICRC

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The ICRC was deeply distressed to learn of the death on 24 December 1988 of Dr. Jacques F. de Rougemont, one of its Honorary Members.Dr. de Rougemont was elected a member of the ICRC in 1967. He was a member of the Presidential Council from 1968 to 1971 and became an Honorary Member in 1987.He did excellent work for the ICRC over many years; he sat on various commissions and working groups and carried out numerous missions for the institution, in particular to Poland to assist victims of pseudo-medical experiments practised in concentration camps under the Nazi regime. The bonds of trust which he forged there made it possible to launch a major dissemination programme and, in 1982, the ICRC was able to visit people interned under martial law.

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