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July-August 1993 — No. 295Anti-Personnel Mines by Gerald C. Cauderay,Page 275. The objective in laying minefields, lines 12-17.The quotation by Col. C. Sloan referred to by A.P.V. Rogers only contains the paragraphs a), b) and c) in italics.The following two paragraphs as follows:“Anti-personnel mines are also used to protect military positions and installations or to prevent access to a locality, village of particular region.Unfortunately, it is also a fact that anti-personnel mines are sometimes laid to prevent the civilian population from leaving a region or from having access to arable land, pastoral areas and ricefields”are wrongly in italics, as they are not part of the said quotation, but they should be in Roman characters, as they are part of G. C. Cauderay's text.

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