IRRC No. 901

Book review: Humanitarian Work Psychology and the Global Development Agenda: Case Studies and Interventions

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Entrenched in human resources, leadership development and Fortune 500 selection systems, industrial and organizational (I-O) psychology is the study of human psychology in the workplace. I-O psychologists employ an empirical approach to selection, training and performance management in order to improve the profitability and overall success of organizations. I-O psychology has not classically been known for a focus on the humanitarian pursuits and organizations of the world. However, recent years have seen the growth of humanitarian work psychology (HWP) as a subfield of I-O, focused on translating research and application of traditional I-O principles to improving human welfare. With this increased interest in the ability and responsibility of I-O psychologists to contribute to the "greater good" has come a strong call for more information and research on effective methods of transferring I-O across humanitarian contexts.

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