IRRC No. 217

… and in Libya

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Mr. Alexandre Hay, President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, accompanied by Mr. Sergio Nessi, head of the Financing Division, and Mr. Jean Hoefliger, delegate-general for the Middle East and North Africa, was in Tripoli (Libya) from 7 to 9 July. He was received by Colonel Moammar Qadaffi; Mr. Jadallah Azouz At-Talhi, President of the People's General Council; Mr. Abu Zaid Omar Durda, Secretary of State for Economic Affairs, representing the Minister for Foreign Affairs; and Dr Muftah Al-Osta Omar, Minister of Health and President of the Libyan Red Crescent, who was accompanied by Dr. Ahmed Abdallah Es-Sherif, Secretary-General, and Mr. Abdel Rahman Bonkela, adviser, to the National Red Crescent.

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