IRRC No. 275

Africa—Latin America—Asia—Middle-East—Europe

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As reported in the previous issue of the Review, surveys carried out regularly by ICRC teams to monitor the civilian population's nutritional status showed that the food situation in several districts of southern Huambo and Benguela provinces was worse than at the same season in previous years. During the period under review, the ICRC therefore stepped up its programme of food assistance to civilian victims of the combined effects of drought and conflict. A fifth Twin Otter aircraft was sent to reinforce the system established to transport food from the Atlantic coast to towns in the provinces of Benguela, Bie and Huambo. The nutritional status of the people in Ganda (Benguela province) made it necessary to set up a therapeutic feeding centre, in addition to the large-scale food distributions carried out in the area. The centre was opened on 7 February. The ICRC also provided support to Caritas, which was organizing “soup kitchens” for particularly needy groups. In all, the ICRC distributed 2,270 tonnes of food to some 100,000 people between 1 January and 28 February.

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