IRRC No. 234

Africa — Latin America — Asia — Middle East — Europe

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The President of the ICRC, Mr. Alexandra Hay, accompanied by the ICRC delegate general for Africa, Mr. Jean-Marc Bornet, went on a mission to Angola from 6 to 10 April and met representatives of the Angolan Government, in particular the Ministers of External Relations, Health, Defence, State Security and Provincial Coordination. Apart from the progressive resumption of ICRC humanitarian action on the central Angolan plateau (Planalto) since the end of January and a survey of its activities throughout the world, the President of the ICRC discussed more specific subjects, such as the carrying off by UNITA of foreign collaborators at Alto Catumbela (Benguela province) on 12 March. The delegate general for Africa only returned to Geneva on 14 April after discussing the future of ICRC assistance action on the Planalto with the ICRC delegation.

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