IRRC No. 269

Africa — Latin America — Asia — Middle East

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On 4 January, after a suspension of more than five months, the ICRC was able to resume its flights in the country, starting with the provinces of Manica and Sofala. Delegates flew to several isolated districts to assess the needs of the civilian population there and to provide people with the relief they required. Heavy rains, however, repeatedly prevented the planes from landing and impeded the delegates' work.ICRC delegates continued visiting security detainees held by the Ministry of Security who were either awaiting trial or had already been sentenced. In January, they visited Quelimane Prison, and in February they went to Temba (Cabo Delgado Province), Lichinga and Cuamba (Niassa Province) Prisons. They began visiting prisons in the country on 27 June 1988 and have now been to all the detention centres in the capital and the provinces under the authority of the Ministry of Security.

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